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Takaisin kielivalintaan

MA Johanna Kallio

Official translator (German-Finnish)
A member of The Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters

Why settle for an ordinary translation, when you can have a first-class translation?

The quality of both your professional and personal texts great
ly affects your position on the international market. The knowledge to identify the current usage of the source and target languages, accurate expressions and the correct use of specific terminologies are the prerequisites for a good translation. These are my fortes. I studied at Finnish, Swedish and Austrian universities, and later obtained years of experience in all three countries.  I use state-of-the-art technical equipment and permanently collaborate with both translators and experts from different areas of specialisation. This allows me to translate even the most complex texts professionally and accurately. In addition, accuracy and punctuality play important roles in my work.

 When needed, I am flexible: in most cases I can adapt to the schedules and requirements of my clients.When I translate texts into languages other than my native language, I have the translations proofread without exception by a native-speaking translator prior to delivery. Naturally, I am commited to handling all inquiries and contents confidentially.

Your translation will be delivered in the format you choose: via e-mail, diskette, CD Rom or by post.

Furthermore, please note that I can offer translations at very advantageous rates. Thanks to the fact that I translate all texts myself, you don't have to pay any administrative costs or commissions.

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